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Who We ARE and Why We Are Here
Who We ARE and Why We Are Here

So. We’re officially here. In the blogosphere. Finally.

I struggled with what would be the first official post. It should be prolific after all this time, right? Grand in nature. Broad in scope. So, I struggled. How would we start this company blog? I struggled some more. And then I realized it’s just like walking into a room full of people you’ve never met - we’ll introduce ourselves to you. It seems like the polite thing to do, right?

First the company. We are LINE-X of Virginia Beach – a franchise of our Corporate parent that innovated the Spray-On Bedliner awhile back….way back. We have been actually been here on Cleveland Street since 2002. LINE-X of Virginia Beach is a retired Navy family owned and operated business in the Tidewater area. We have been in the Spray On Protective Coating industry for nearly a decade. In addition to having one of the leading Spray-On Bedliners on the market, we also carry a wide variety of the most popular accessories for your vehicle. We understand that your truck is your pride and joy and we will stand behind everything that we install. Your satisfaction is everything to us and we pride ourselves in that each customer leaves our shop pleased with the services that we have provided them.

LINE-X is the only Spray-On Bedliner franchise that offers a legitimate Nationwide Lifetime Warranty. This is nonexistent versus any other Spray-On Bedliner and we are very proud to uphold the stringent guidelines that LINE-X has given us. We know that each bedliner that leaves our store is properly applied and our customers have the joy of bragging rights about their LINE-X Spray-On Bedliner.


We strive to please our customers and know that we have when we see them a few years later to protect their newer truck bed, due to the high quality products and services we carry.
That’s it. You get the gist of what the company does. Enough ‘company babble’. If you want to read more about the company our new website will/should tell you everything you need to know about us, what we do, detail all our products and so on.

This space isn’t about that. This space is about people. People who have an unbreakable bond to something action related. When we say People, we mean our friends, customers and aquaintances within our community and don’t even get me started on the stories from Gary Leech (Gary's Transmission) I’ve heard about. We are a passionate group of people. You’ll learn more about us – not the company, and the people who make it.

We’ll also talk about people we meet along the way who have some amazing bonds to advocacy issues, charities, their “rides” (trucks, jeeps, yes Dustin's - Jet Ski's and the like). People who are doing good things in the industries we play in (and I do mean play!). People who are passionate about the same things we are passionate about. People we bond with every day – and some folks we just hear about but that we want to talk about. And, just to see if you are paying attention, every once in awhile we may toss in something from left field.

There will be no shortage of passion in this blog. Sometimes you may agree with us, sometimes not. We want to hear from you. Anytime and all the time. We can’t wait for the conversations to start! What we do ask is that you respect the space. Constructive criticism is welcome, slander is not. Profanity is not. Basically, please don’t say something here that you wouldn’t say in one of our living rooms. We would appreciate that.

So, there you have it. Our little introduction to the blogosphere. If you have questions or comments, please ask. We’re listening.


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