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Beach Undercoatings

Beach Undercoatings in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Rust is Not Your Friend

Undercoating a car or truck is one of the best ways to stop rust and corrosion before it starts. Applying automotive undercoating to a vehicle puts a physical barrier between the exposed under-body and all the road debris just waiting to pummel it. That’s important because road debris goes way beyond litter - it includes magnesium chloride and other chemical compounds used to de-ice asphalt and control dust. Once that gets drawn up into your vehicle, it can stick like glue. By the time the corrosion becomes visible, its effects may already be widespread.

Because undercoating for trucks and cars prevents corrosion, it extends the life of the vehicle. It also means you will spend more time enjoying your vehicle and less time (and money) repairing it. Undercoatings also help to reduce road noise, as debris never makes contact with the metal.

We here at Beach Undercoatings are factory trained specialist who are at your disposal in the battle to maintain your vehicle's value and exterior integrity against the elements! We are an authorized installer of VALUGARD and stand sternly behind our product, workmanship and warranties!

VALUGARD products are sold, recommended and endorsed by many major auto manufacturers including General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, and Heil. Made from the highest quality raw materials available, VALUGARD products set the standards for environmental protection, prep and reconditioning chemicals, body shop and retail products globally.

VALUGARD products are designed to meet or exceed the standards of major car manufacturers worldwide: as well as meeting all Laboratory Test standards such as: SAE J2334; ASTM-117 (SALT); TT-C-520B; FMVSS302.


RUST INHIBITOR (Protects Against Elements That Can Cause Rust-Through From The Inside Out)

  • Fogging method penetrates crevices, cavities, and other rust-prone areas for maximum protectionValuGaurd
  • Odorless wax-based formula bonds permanently, forming a clear, waterproof, salt-resistant seal
  • Applied through existing body holes - no drilling required!
  • Will not restrict or plug critical drain holes
  • One-time application will extend outer panel life, which could help increase vehicle re-sale value

UNDERCOAT (Improves Under-body Appearance and Seals Out Harmful Corrosive Elements)

  • Superior, black wax-based formula seals the underside of your vehicle against road salt, dirt, stone, and gravel abrasion
  • Acts as a sound deadener for a quieter ride
  • Remains flexible and pliable for better adhesion and resilience
  • Will not run or drip at high temperatures or become brittle in sub-zero weather
  • Contains no tar-like ingredients that attack body coatings
  • Developed for today's advanced-engineered vehicles
  • Gives a black uniform appearance to under-body and wheel wells

FABRIC PROTECTOR (Protects Your Fabric From Dirt, Spills and Stains)

  • Repels spills and stains from coffee, milk, soft drinks, juice and water
  • Liquids bead up on fabric, allowing for easy cleanup; dirt can be vacuumed or wiped off with gentle cleaning solution
  • Fabric retains it's natural texture and appearance

LEATHER & VINYL PROTECTOR (Makes Your Leather/Vinyl Interior Soil Repellent and Waterproof)

  • Bonds to leather or vinyl to provide long-lasting, spill-proof protection
  • Protects against stains from skin oils, water, coffee, soda, and other liquids
  • Liquid spills bead up for easy wipe-off, leaving no stains or dulling of material color
  • Will not peel or crack as a result of non-commercial use of vehicle

Please feel free to contact us online, request an online quote, or call us at 757-490-8848 today to learn more!




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